Fully digital multi-track recordings, includes one of our engineers to work with you to achieve the best results possible.


Whether it's something you've recorded with us or online stem mixing, we use top quality equipment and expertise to get the best sound possible.


Going the extra mile, helping you with arrangments, instrumentation and whatever you need to take your tracks to the next level.

External Engineering

Whether it's live sound or location recording, we can offer hard working sound technicians to make it happen.


Guide To Photography In The Studio

So you want some marketing material to promote an upcoming release for your band? Or maybe you’re a photographer being asked to come into a recording studio for the first time? Check out this blog to find out more!

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Live Sound Monitors for Dummies

Different types of monitoring? Yes such things do exist! Wedges, IEMs, side fills, centre fills, sub fills… Check out this blog for a simple guide on live sound monitoring

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Studio Preparation: Guitars

In the last ‘Studio Preparation’ blog we went through everything a drummer needs to prepare before heading into the studio, this time it’s all about guitars and basses!

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