Fiermente is the creation of 3 guys who met whilst studying Audio Production at Uni, a bond was formed from a love of Black Sambuca (although George disagrees) and Music. The guys worked together on many different projects during their time at university, which lead to the formation of Fiermente.
Finding a love for all things audio, the guys strive to achieve the best in all they do, whilst using their camaraderie and friendship to make it all a bit of fun.
Each of the guys brings with them their own unique sound, inspired by their own experiences and influences. Don’t believe me? Just check out the testimonials on the home page, client satisfaction speaks for itself!

George Belben

George has been surrounded by music his entire life, and working in the industry ever since leaving school. He has vast experience working in a studio environment, having produced music for artists such as Mostyn House, Colourshop and Mischa & His Merry Men.
“I believe in a very natural workflow when it comes to recording; producers such as Peter Miles, Jake Gosling and Chris Bond have influenced me strongly.”
This ethic blended with a passion for electronic music has helped George to create a sound you won’t find anywhere else.

Ian Bonner

“Fluent” in both live and studio sound; Ian has worked extensively in both industries. As a result, this has made him very versatile with a wide skill range that he applies to all areas. His passion for acoustic, rock (in all its forms) and metal genres has really gone hand in hand in the industries that he works in as well as taking influences from surrounding sound technicians and producers. Resulting a unique blend of a polished open sound, but with a raw live feel that we all know and love.

Roy Bates

Roy has found music to be an integral part of his life influencing almost every decision made. Having had a broad interest in many aspects of music from an early age the enticement of the studio drew him in. Blending influences from such well-known producers as Quincey Jones, Butch Vig, Steve Albini, and Paul Epworth. Roy has developed his own unique techniques within the studio environment and this comes to the forefront in his mixing establishing his own exclusive sound.

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