I’ve not been in a recording studio before. How do I prepare?

If this is your first experience in a studio environment, you might like to check out our Studio Preparation Handbook! It'll give you all the information you need.

  Can I bring others into the studio?

Only bring people you feel are necessary to your project, if you require backing vocalists or other session musicians, of course, they are more than welcome, however we don't permit fans, girl/boyfriends or any other non-required people (although they are more than welcome to stay in the car, as long as you leave plenty of water and leave the window open).

  What DAW do you use?

Every DAW has pros and cons, at the end of the day, it's whatever suits the user the most. But between us we mainly use Pro tools as well as Logic pro X and Nuendo for those live recordings.

  Can you guarantee the quality of my track?

Yes, as valued clients you are our highest priority and we will work tirelessly to produce the best results possible.


  I'm recording my band in my home studio, can you mix it?

Of course, we can! If you head to our e-mixing page, you can submit your stems online to us via dropbox/wetransfer and we'll email you for more information!

  We're going to be using your online mixing service, how do we prepare our tracks?

When sending us stems for mixing we require them to fit the following minimum specifications:
16 bit
WAV/Lossless (Not MP3)
Any other technical information such as reference tracks, tempo information or specific effects required, please include in a text file in the zip folder.

We also require that all stems are exported from the same starting point, and if we are supplied stems that don't meet these requirements, we will ask you re-send them before we proceed.

  What plugins do you use to mix

We use a wide variety of plugins from different manufacturers including Waves, UAD, Slate digital, Native instruments and much more.


  What do you mean production?

Production really just means us working with you on a more musical level, and includes services such as drum programming, help with structuring your song, and instrumentation advice.

  I’ve recorded a song at home, can you use any of it in the final track?

This isn't something that we encourage, as we would always prefer to record parts to give you the best possible outcome. But if this isn't possible, for example, the part was played by a session musician who won't be able to come to the studio, then we will try our best to incorporate this into the final track.


  What's external engineering?

Our external engineering covers any work we do outside our own premises, for example, engineering in another studio or at a live event.

  How much do you charge?

It's impossible to predict exactly how much a project will cost before knowing more about it, so get in touch here (right here) to get a quote.

  How long will it take to complete my project?

How long is an XLR cable? It’s impossible to predict how long a project can go on for, it depends strongly on the complexity and instrumentation of each song, and how prepared each artist may be.

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